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Press & Praise

Anatomy of Evil:

"VERDICT: A satisfying addition to a satisfying series. Thomas continues to contribute to the historical thriller genre by combining appealing characters with thoroughly researched historical detail. He remains distinct in his focus on Jewish Victorian London, and Ripperologists are sure to discover something new to debate in his unveiling of the legendary killer."
Library Journal, May 2015

Fatal Enquiry:

"Newcomers are sure to be absorbed into these warm, witty, and richly atmospheric historical, and devotees will not be disappointed."
Library Journal, starred review

"Fatal Enquiry is a not-to-be-missed treat for lovers of historical mystery, PI novels, and all around excellent writing."
—I Love Mystery

"Cyrus's sixth... is a page-turner..."

"Readers will relish the appealing characters, clever twists, and colorful vision of late 19th century London."
Publisher's Weekly

The Black Hand:

"Characters worthy of Dickens' London cross paths with mafiosi as creatively brutal as Mario Puzo's Corleones...Llewelyn's first-person narrative infuses the story with his trademark humor—wry, self-deprecating, and sometimes macabre"
— Booklist

"Will Thomas's The Black Hand is what Conan Doyle would write after taking tea with Lee Child. The Barker & Llewelyn series transports you to the fog-shrouded, gas-lit streets of Victorian London, then sweeps you away like the Thames at flood-tide. This atmospheric historical thriller is as good as it gets."
—Julia Spencer-Fleming, Edgar finalist and author of I Shall Not Want

"I've read every book in the series, and loved them. If you love Sherlock Holmes, historical mysteries, or just a good, rousing adventure, you'll love these books, too."
— Laurell K. Hamilton

The Hellfire Conspiracy:

Dodging muckrakers, navigating the murky Thames under cover of darkness, and infiltrating London's most powerful secret society, The Hellfire Conspiracy is another wild ride that "brings to life a London roiling with secret leagues, deadly organizations, and hidden clubs"
—Ron Bernas, Detroit Free Press

"Thomas knows his Victorian London and his way around the makings of a great mystery. Fans of Victorian historicals will snap this up. Strongly recommended for all mystery collections."
Library Journal

"Thomas (To Kingdom Come, 2005, etc.) cleverly develops his characters' personalities while maintaining his marvelously wrought descriptions of a bygone era."
Kirkus Reviews

"Written in a manner owing much to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Hellfire Conspiracy nevertheless manages an identity of its own, with an intriguing plotline and interesting, well-drawn charactersÉAnglophiles, fans of traditional detective novels and those interested in 19th century England will find this book more than rewards them for their efforts."
Historical Novels Review

The Limehouse Text

By John Orr

Will Thomas is proving to be one of those rare mystery novelists who really smack 'em out of the park with their first books, and then just keep swattin' 'em out as they go along...Highly recommended.
—John Orr, The Mercury News
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To Kingdom Come:

"A fascinating and fun new detective team...Thomas again brings the era to life with vivid details.... Entertaining."
— Ron Bernas, Detroit Free Press

"A talent to watch and enjoy...delightful."
— S. I. Dunn, The Dallas Morning News

"A thorough delight."
— Tom and Enid Schantz, The Denver Post

"Colorful London private enquiry agent Cyrus Barker and his diminutive young Welsh assistant, Thomas Llewelyn, make a welcome return in this sequel to last year's Some Danger Involved...The story is lively, full of convincing historical detail and reveals a few more tantalizing facts from Barker's mysterious past. The wonderful chemistry between Barker and Llewelyn makes the book, like its predecessor, a thorough delight."
— Denver Post

"Thomas places his cast of likeable even heroic characters within a complex political minefield and the waits for the explosion. Intense and insightful."
— Booklist

"Last year, Will Thomas' debut novel, Some Danger Involved, introduced readers to Cyrus Barker and Thomas Llewelyn, a fascinating and fun new detective team...It was one of the best mysteries of 2004...[To Kingdom Come] mostly lives up to expectations. Kingdom opens with a bang, literally, as the new Special Irish Branch of Scotland Yard is destroyed by a bomb planted by a fledgling group called the Irish Republican Brotherhood...there's enough of what made Danger so good to keep Kingdom entertaining. Llewelyn says he's growing used to never knowing where Barker is going or in what situation they'll find themselves once they get there. But still he follows. Readers will, too."
— Detroit Free Press

"...fast-paced, cleanly written follow-up to Some Danger Involved...The action unfolds briskly, and Llewelyn's voice should appeal to boys of all ages."
— Publishers Weekly

"Having created a pair of appealing protagonists who debuted in his Victorian London mystery Some Danger Involved, Thomas needed to look no further than May 30, 1884-when Scotland Yard was bombed by Irish nationalists-for an actual event around which to build his first sequel...A successful blend of fiction and fact, this is-as expected-expertly researched and skillfully plotted, with satisfying amounts of emotion (with a growing friendship between Barker and Llewelyn) and suspense. For all mystery collections."
— Library Journal

"Mystery lovers should grab the book and, before opening it, know that the author, Will Thomas, delivers another slam-dunk story about this inquiry agent and his apprentice, Thomas Llewelyn, who unravel intricate mysteries in Victorian England. This second book in (hopefully) a series, is as carefully researched and lethal as the first, Some Danger Involved."
— Star Newspapers

"Watching Llewelyn acquire expertise in the arcane specialties of stick-fighting and hand-made explosives was absorbing, and I was equally fascinated by the meticulous attention the duo pay to assuming their new identities. The descriptions of the settings, ranging from cosmopolitan London and Liverpool to the desolate Welsh countryside, are masterfully drawn, and the lead characters and their comrades are burgeoning delightfully. This modern take on the Victorian era is utterly believable even when the characters are slightly too skilled to be true, and the running humor (the killer Pekinese, and the surly Chinese chef, for examples) adds colorful and delectable garnishes to this tasty main course."
— I Love a Mystery

"Oklahoma mystery writer Will Thomas definitely is a talent to watch and enjoy. His second novel, To Kingdom Come, is a delightful detective story set in late-19th-century London. It continues the adventures of enquiry agent Cyrus Barker and his youthful apprentice, Thomas Llewelyn, characters introduced in Mr. Thomas' critically acclaimed debut novel, Some Danger Involved."
— The Dallas Morning News

"In his second novel, author Will Thomas delivers a tense thriller filled with terrorist groups, secret agents and ineffective governments...The author captures each location perceptively while keeping the action racing...In To Kingdom Come, Thomas achieves what the best historical fiction should
— show us how our past is forever repeated."
— Orlando Sun Sentinel

"Will Thomas in To Kingdom Come re-creates the London of 1884 in which a faction of Irish rebels blows up Scotland Yard...Thomas keeps the suspense percolating. Will the imposters be discovered when they try to pass themselves off as bomb makers? Who's the ringleader behind the conspiracy? And will the prince of Wales get his?"
— Providence Journal Bulletin

"To Kingdom Come is set in Victorian England during 1884, but its resonance with contemporary issues makes the story even more insightful."
— Telegraph Herald (Dubuque, IA)

"The first thing to say, in offering any kind of review of the Will Thomas novel, To Kingdom Come, is I loved this book. I absolutely loved this book. During my time of reading the many great books I have, this is one I happily include amongst their number. Mr. Thomas understands not only the essential writing trait of "showing, not telling", crafting an excellent story with the skill of a master, he also suffuses his world of 19th century England with an authenticity to make you believe it was composed by one of that actual day and age."
— Roundtable Reviews

"To Kingdom Come is another great chapter in the series written by Will Thomas that has quickly become a must read for every devotee of English Victorian mysteries. There is no loss of excitement in this second book, and I wholeheartedly recommend To Kingdom Come to everyone. Arthur Conan Doyle may be gone...long live Will Thomas."
— Romance Reviews Today

"Thomas' work is earnest, humbly referential, yet polished in its nod to the masters' before, accomplished in its own ventures."
— The State (Columbia, SC)

"Suspense and a dash of romance make this book a page-turner."
— The Sunday Oklahoman

Some Danger Involved:

"A story full of fascinating Jewish atmosphere and authenticity set in Victorian London. An exciting page-turner with two original detectives. I look forward to their next adventure!"
—Anne Perry, New York Times bestselling author of No Graves As Yet and The Whitechapel Conspiracy

"The danger involved in beginning Some Danger Involved at bedtime is missing a night's sleep. Once Thomas's colorful characters and vivid story grab hold, they don't let go. A thoroughly entertaining read."
—Sandra Brown, New York Times bestselling author of Hello, Darkness