The Hellfire Conspiracy

In the latest adventure in what is "fast becoming one of the genre's best historical-mystery series" (Booklist), roughhewn private enquiry agent Cyrus Barker and his assistant Thomas Llewelyn must track down London's first serial killer.

When Barker and Llewelyn are hired to find a girl from the upper classes who has gone missing in the East End, they assume her kidnapping is the work of white slavers. But when they discover five girls have been murdered in Bethnal Green, taunting letters begin to arrive in Craig's Court from a killer calling himself Mr. Miacca.

Barker fears that Miacca might be part of the Hellfire Club, a group of powerful, hedonistic aristocrats performing Satanic rituals. He must track the fiend to his hideout, while Llewelyn confronts the man who put him in prison.

Praise for The Hellfire Conspiracy

Dodging muckrakers, navigating the murky Thames under cover of darkness, and infiltrating London's most powerful secret society, The Hellfire Conspiracy is another wild ride that "brings to life a London roiling with secret leagues, deadly organizations, and hidden clubs"

—Ron Bernas, Detroit Free Press

"Thomas knows his Victorian London and his way around the makings of a great mystery. Fans of Victorian historicals will snap this up. Strongly recommended for all mystery collections."

Library Journal

"Thomas (To Kingdom Come, 2005, etc.) cleverly develops his characters' personalities while maintaining his marvelously wrought descriptions of a bygone era."

Kirkus Reviews

"Written in a manner owing much to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Hellfire Conspiracy nevertheless manages an identity of its own, with an intriguing plotline and interesting, well-drawn charactersÉAnglophiles, fans of traditional detective novels and those interested in 19th century England will find this book more than rewards them for their efforts."

Historical Novels Review