The Black Hand

When an Italian assassin's body is found floating in a barrel in Victorian London's East End, enquiry agent Cyrus Barker and his assistant Thomas Llewelyn are called in to investigate. Soon corpses begin to appear all over London, each accompanied by a Maf ia Black Hand note. As Barker and Llewelyn dig deeper, they become entangled in the vendettas of rival Italian syndicates -- and it is no longer clear who is a friend or foe.

Praise for The Black Hand

"Characters worthy of Dickens' London cross paths with mafiosi as creatively brutal as Mario Puzo's Corleones...Llewelyn's first-person narrative infuses the story with his trademark humor—wry, self-deprecating, and sometimes macabre"


"Will Thomas's The Black Hand is what Conan Doyle would write after taking tea with Lee Child. The Barker & Llewelyn series transports you to the fog-shrouded, gas-lit streets of Victorian London, then sweeps you away like the Thames at flood-tide. This atmospheric historical thriller is as good as it gets."

—Julia Spencer-Fleming, Edgar finalist and author of I Shall Not Want

"I've read every book in the series, and loved them. If you love Sherlock Holmes, historical mysteries, or just a good, rousing adventure, you'll love these books, too."

—Laurell K. Hamilton